Carnegie Mellon University

Research on Sustainable Infrastructure

Our built environment contributes significantly to environmental damages yet has not been the focus of concern or regulation. We consider how infrastructure systems, such as water delivery, electricity grids, telecommunications networks, or roadways, influence materials and energy consumption, waste generation, and product development.

Green design research has expanded from a concentration on individual products to an analysis of system wide impacts. We feel sustainable infrastructure to be a key area of research for the coming years. Examining entire systems and interactions will be essential to evaluating the full life cycle impacts of advances in telecommunications, computing, electricity, or goods delivery.  Listed below are links to short one-page research summaries in PDF format.

On-going Projects

Previous Research Summaries (no longer funded or being actively pursued)

Photo Credit:  (Left - Simon Bird/Birdw0rks - NYC N End Ave Green Roof Project;  Right -  Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai)