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Research on Energy and the Environment

Of growing concern to business and government is the efficient use of resources for energy generation and use. This can be seen in the growing use of measures like "carbon footprints" to benchmark products and organizations.  Our research examines the broader impacts of various energy choices such as indirect impacts of alternative automotive fuels, and costs of air pollution from electricity generation.

Our research in energy and the environment is an emerging and developing interest. Energy sources for portable products, currently from batteries, pose issues for consumption and disposal of heavy metals. Another interest is the possible alternatives to automotive fuels, not only the change in pollution during the use phase, but also land requirements and materials consumption from establishing infrastructure for delivering these fuels. Considerable work also occurs concerning electricity generation in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center.  Listed below are links to short one-page research summaries in PDF format.

On-going Projects

Previous Research Summaries (no longer funded or being actively pursued)