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Consortium Information

Individuals, companies, and governments seek effective ways to enhance both environmental quality and economic growth. Our strategy is to form partnerships with decision-makers in companies, government agencies and non-governmental agencies to solve the most important current and future environmental problems. From our conception, the formation of strong collaborative relationships between diverse interested parties has provided strength and relevance to our research.

Corporate Green Design Consortium Membership

The Green Design Consortium offers a cost-sharing mechanism for companies to participate in the research programs of the Green Design Institute. Membership is open to industrial partners interested in participating and guiding consortium projects.


Membership Benefits Include:

  • The opportunity to provide input on research direction and suggest specific research programs.
  • Access to:
    • Carnegie Mellon University laboratories and researchers
    • Green Design Institute research data
    • Working papers
    • Government research grants through cooperative university proposals
  • Opportunities to test design-for-environment software and life cycle assessment tools on new products.
  • Yearly member meetings, at no additional cost, to ensure feedback of projects, communication between members, and guide project development.

Consortium Membership Fee

The membership program has been set up so that no overhead is charged, ensuring that 100% of the fee is applied to research.