Carnegie Mellon University

Current Students

Below is a list of current PhD students affiliated with the Green Design Institute, their previous institution affiliations, and where available, links to their personal websites.

  • Derrick Carlson (CEE), Canisius College
  • Xiaoju (Julie) Chen (CEE), Harbin Institute of Technology (China), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rachel Hoesly (CEE), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Mohan Jiang (CEE), Tsinghua University
  • Marla Sanchez (EPP), Allegheny College, University of California-Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • Stefan Schwietzke (EPP), University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Mili-Ann Tamayao (EPP), University of the Philippines - Diliman
  • Elizabeth Traut (MechE), Virginia Tech
  • Sam Markoff (CEE/EPP), University of Texas at Austin 
  • Daniel Posen (EPP), London School of Economics
  • Michelle Tom (CEE), The University of Southern California
  • Gwen DiPietro (CEE), University of Virginia, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dana Peck (CEE/EPP), Northeastern University
  • Stephanie Seki (EPP), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Xuejiao (Fiona) Zhang (CEE), Beijing Normal University (China), Carnegie Mellon University