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About Us

The Fellowships and Scholarships Office

The Fellowships and Scholarships Office works with current Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students and alumni in fulfilling their intellectual and professional goals by pursuing nationally competetive scholarships and fellowships.  We promote awareness of external scholarship and fellowship opportunities; advising; writing support; overall management of the process; and interview preparation.

The Undergraduate Research Office 

The Undergraduate Research Office provides seed funds for undergraduate research projects, recognizes students conducting research, funds undergraduates presenting their findings at academic conferences, and presents an annual undergraduate research symposium. The program is available to students from each of the University’s six undergraduate colleges. The Office has proven extremely successful in encouraging students to pursue graduate studies and research careers. Please visit the URO website.

Stephanie Wallach

Stephanie Wallach, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Stephanie's position as the Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education puts her in charge of both the Undergraduate Research Office (including SURG, SURF, Speak Up! and Meeting of the Minds) and the Fellowships and Scholarships Office (including a range of national scholarship competitions). Stephanie has been a part of the Carnegie Mellon community since 1995.
Richelle Bernazzoli

Richelle Bernazzoli, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Undergraduate Research and National Fellowships

Richelle supports students in their academic and professional development through research, international study, and competitive postgraduate opportunities.  She supports SURG and SURF students through the research process and also provides advising and application support to students applying to a range of national and international scholarships and fellowships.  Richelle began her career at Carnegie Mellon in 2016.
Brittany Allison

Brittany Allison, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research and National Fellowships

Brittany supports, encourages, and advises students as they pursue undergraduate research and apply for fellowships and scholarships.  She is very interested in connecting students with meaningful and impactful opportunities.  She also provides support for all events, workshops and activities in the URO and FSO.  Britany joined the Carnegie Mellon comminity in 2018.
Jen Weidenhof

Jen Weidenhof

Business Administrator and Operations Coordinator

Jen is responsible for all administrative aspects of both the URO and FSO, including budgeting, website production, and event planning. She also plans all logistics for the annual Meeting of the Minds undergraduate research symposium. Jen came to Carnegie Mellon in 2006.