Limited Submission Opportunities-Foundation Relations - Carnegie Mellon University

Limited Submission Opportunities for Foundation Funding

Here is a list of select foundation funding opportunities for which Carnegie Mellon is regularly invited to nominate a limited number of candidates. In most cases, CMU's official candidates are chosen through a process that is initiated by Foundation Relations, in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and requires the deans of appropriate schools/colleges to submit faculty members for consideration.

This list was created to provide general information about funding opportunities and does not alleviate the need to carefully determine eligibility for programs and to participate in selection processes put forth by the university and/or the deans of specific schools or colleges. ALL DATES, REQUIREMENTS, AND PROCESSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please note that nominations for awards may occur several months before proposals are due to the foundation. In the list below, we provide a general idea of when nominations will occur but not exact due dates.

If you are interested in applying for one of these opportunities, please speak to your dean and department head well before nominations are set to occur. For awards connected to neuroscience research, please also contact the executive director of BrainHub.


Simons Investigator in Mathematics, Physics, and Theoretical Computer Science

For established scientists. Nominations in September/October.

Brain Research Foundation's Fay/Frank Seed Grant

Supports neuroscience research. For assistant and associate professors. Nominations in October/November. Consult executive director of BrainHub. 

Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Program

Supports basic biomedical research in fields of cancer, immunology, and neuroscience. For assistant professors in first three years of tenure track position. Nominations in October/November.

W.M. Keck Foundation Research Grants (December Awards)

Supports Science & Engineering Research and Medical Research. Nominations in December/January.


Dana Foundation David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program

Supports research that focuses on improving human brain and brain-immune functioning. For early-career investigators. Nominations in December/January. Consult executive director of BrainHub.

David and Lucile Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering Program

Supports research in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, astronomy, computer science, earth science, ocean science, and all branches of engineering. For faculty in first three years of career. Nominations in January/February.

Moore Inventor Fellows Program

Supports outstanding inventors to enhance scientific research, strengthen environmental conservation, or improve patient care. Candidates must be within ten years of receiving terminal degree in their field. Nominations in February/March.

Brain Research Foundation's Scientific Innovations Award

Supports neuroscience research. For established investigators. Nominations in April. Consult executive director of BrainHub.


Pew Scholar Program in the Biomedical Sciences

Supports biomedical research. For assistant professors in position less than three years. Nominations in June by review committee set up by Office of Sponsored Programs.

Andrew W. Mellon New Directions Fellowship

Assists faculty members in the humanities, including the arts, history, languages, area studies, and zones of such fields as anthropology and geography that bridge the humanities and social sciences. For faculty who wish to acquire systematic training outside their own areas of special interest. Nominations in June/July. Consult dean of Dietrich College.

W.M. Keck Foundation Research Grants (June Awards)

Supports Science & Engineering research and Medical Research. Nominations in June/July.

Mallinckrodt Grant

Supports basic biomedical research. For early-stage investigators. Nominations in July.

Searle Scholars Program

Supports research in biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and related areas in chemistry, medicine, and the biological sciences. For assistant professors very early in career. Nominations in July/August.