Carnegie Mellon University

Access Control and Keys

Building Access and Hardware Malfunctions

Many doors on campus are controlled with locks that can only be opened using an authorized Carnegie Mellon ID card. For more information on physical access control at CMU, please review the ID Card Services' Campus Building Access page.

Hardware malfunctions, such as doors not closing or locking properly or card readers that fail to read, should be reported immediately so that they can be repaired and continue to maintain security. 

Before reporting a problem opening a lock you have successfully used before, try the tips in the red box to the right. If you cannot open the lock and you know your card is working in other locks, call us at 412-268-2910 to report the problem. They will verify your account is still active for that lock and will check for any hardware problems. If the lock is functioning correctly, you may be directed to ID Card Services to remagnetize your card.

Door Key Requests and Pickup

Facilities Management Services provides copies of door keys through our service request system. Our locksmiths will cut the keys, which can be picked up on the first floor (room 114) of the FMS Building. The person requesting the key may send someone else to pick up the keys. Anyone collecting keys, however, must have a valid Carnegie Mellon University ID card for identification. A signature is also required to take the keys. 

If you are requesting a master door key, please follow this process: 

  • A Master Key Request Form must be obtained from the Service Response Center and filled out by the requestor.
  • The form should be given to either our University Engineer or Director of Operations for their signature/approval. No other signatures will be accepted.
  • Once the approval signature is obtained, the form must be returned to the Service Response Center for processing.
  • The work order will then be given to the lock shop, and the key(s) will be cut.
  • The lock shop will notify the Requestor when the key is ready. 
  • The requestor will schedule a time with the lock shop to deliver the tamper-proof key ring so the key(s) can be placed on the ring.

Obtaining a Bollard Gate Pass

Some roads on CMU's campus contain bollard posts to restrict motor vehicle traffic. Many of these posts, however, can be temporarily removed to provide needed vehicular access. Facilities Management Services issues bollard gate passes to requestors, whether they are internal (faculty, staff and students) or external (vendors, contractors and delivery companies). 

To obtain a bollard gate pass, visit the Service Response Center on the 2nd floor of the FMS Building and fill out a pass form with the following information:

  1. Name of the company or person that needs the bollards lowered
  2. Area the bollards are located
  3. Dates and times the bollards will need to be lowered

The pass will then be approved by someone on our management team. It is then the responsibility of the requestor to contact CMU Police Department at 412-268-2323 to have the bollards lowered. For safety and security reasons, the bollards will be immediately raised once the pass holder has entered. The pass holder will then need to re-contact University Police to have the bollards re-lowered for exiting. The pass must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle the entire duration of time it is being used. 

For questions or concerns regarding bollard passes, please contact the Service Response Center.

bollard gate posts on campus