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Non-Workday Away From Campus / Duty Supervisor Form

This form allows non-union FMCS personnel to record working time away from campus on the FMCS Absence calendar.
The user may indicate absences during conferences, off-site meetings, and other times when work is being done off-site.
Special Note: Approved absence requests from Workday will appear on the FMCS Absence calendar (updated daily). There is no need to add Workday absences to this form.

To add an entry to the FMCS Absence calendar, click on the link for your supervisor. Complete the form and submit.
If you are unavailable for meetings during the time away, it is advisable to also add an "Out of Office" event on your calendar.

(For FMS Staff Only)

Charity Anderson

Don Coffelt

Sean Connelly

Ron Cunningham

Roy Farkas

Shannon Giannoutsos

Steve Guenther

Lenny Libbon

Denise McConnell

Dawn Roerink

Jeremy Smith

Randy Thomson

Shannon Wetzel

Chris Zupan