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Maximo Upgrade Starts
December 20, 5 p.m.
  FMS Enterprise Work Management System Upgrade (Maximo) Information Page
    FMS' work management and work order system is undergoing an upgrade Thursday, December 20, 2012, 5 p.m. until Wednesday morning, January 9, 2013.  We will uphold our commitment to serve the campus with efficient action during those weeks.  Customers may still submit work requests and check the status of existing work orders using the following links.
Submit a request for work in Academic or Administrative Buildings --   To submit a work request, email FMS' Service Response Center at  The email requests will be processed throughout the day.  For urgent or emergency problems, call the Service Response Center at: 412-268-2910.
Submit a request for work in Housing Buildings and Campus Services --   To submit a work request for Housing or Campus Services, call Housing & Dining Services during office hours at 412-268-2139.  For after hours emergencies, call the FMS Service Response Center at 412-268-6910.  For after hours lockouts, call the Campus Police at 412-268-2323.
Look up the status of an existing work order --   Between December 20 and January 9, work orders will not be updated.  However, if you want to review the status of a work order as of December 20, use this link:  Work Order Status .  For the status of work requested during the upgrade period, email  Please be patient as the Service Response Center will have to search through printed work orders. 
Maximo Users, What to Expect -   FMS work orders will be recorded and issued on pre-numbered paper work orders located in the SRC.  If you must use an un-numbered work order blank, make sure Sandy or Rachel attaches it to a numbered blank.  Daily work timesheets will be available but without the new work order numbers.  Staff should write in the numbers.  Throughout the upgrade, a core set of users may be testing the new Maximo.  Unless you are instructed to do so, please do not attempt to log into Maximo.  During that time, all work order and labor records will be on paper.  Depending on the amount of work, it may take a week or more to get records into the system after the upgrade is completed.  If you have questions about using Maximo, submitting work or checking on a work order status, email .
Maximo Begins Again 1/9/2013   We expect Maximo to be running for all users on Wednesday, January 9.  SRC will be inputting records from the previous weeks and, it is possible, there will be functions that are not working as expected that day.  Information will be communicated to users about how and when to use the new Maximo and what to do if something doesn't seem to be working.