Carnegie Mellon University

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Carnegie Mellon acknowledges gender identity as a spectrum and supports individuals using the restroom facility of their choice.

The list of gender inclusive restrooms below is the result of a comprehensive restroom audit completed in conjunction with the efforts of the All-Gender Restroom Access Committee. The work of the committee includes identifying restroom renovation projects and ensuring adequate all gender restrooms in new construction projects to increase gender inclusive restroom access across the Pittsburgh campus.

Check out this interactive map of campus, filtered for all gender facilities.

Below is the list of all gender facilities located in on-campus buildings. Click on the building name to access floor plans for each building. All building floor plans are available here! [To access, Andrew ID/SSO is required]

Building Floor Floor Plan Room # Notes 
ANSYS Hall Floor B B04
Baker-Porter Hall Floor A A65 *Inside an office suite that is locked after hours 
Floor 3 377*
Floor 3 378*
Floor 3 389B
Cohon University Center Floor 1 154A* *Located inside gym area - must have a CMU ID for entrance 
Floor 1 154B*
Floor 1 179
Lower Level LL84A
Lower Level LL84B

Cyert Hall

Floor 1


*Single-stall restroom (with urinal)

Floor 1


*Multi-stall restroom
Gates & Hillman Centers Floor 4 4831 *Inside an office suite
Floor 5 5116*
Hall of the Arts Floor A A50A
Floor 1 192
Hamerschlag Hall Floor B B154
Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall Floor 1 125  
Floor 4 425A
Mellon Institute Floor 4 3rd Floor, near men’s room & Stephanie’s Cafe  
Miller ICA Floor 1 101A* *Only during Miller's open hours
Newell-Simon Hall Floor B B522* *Next to stairwell
Purnell Center for the Arts Floor A A20* *Attached to theater dressing rooms, not available during productions
Floor A A23*
Floor A A37*
Floor A A40*
Purnell Center for the Arts Floor 1 105 *Marked faculty but available for staff and student use
Floor 2 202
Floor 3 311*
Floor 3 352*
TCS Hall Floor A A104
Floor 1 104
Floor 3 304
Tepper Building Floor 1 1122 *In student lounge
Floor 1 1924
Floor 2 2203
Floor 2 2204
Floor 2 2408
Floor 2 2924
Floor 3 3806*
Floor 4 4924
Floor 5 5608
Warner Hall Floor A A35 *Not publicly accessible facilities 
Floor A A36
Floor 2 207
Floor 3 320
Floor 4 407*
Floor 5 507*
Floor 6 607*

The all gender facilities in the residential buildings below are limited to student access only. Click on the building name to access floor plans for each building. All building floor plans are available here! [To access, Andrew ID/SSO is required]

Building Floor

Floor Plan Room #

Boss House Floor A B12  
Clyde House Floor 1 109
Donner House Floor 1 122  
Henderson House Floor A A04 Next to communal lounge space
Margaret Morrison Plaza Floor A A21 Intersection Lounge
McGill House Floor A B12  
Morewood Gardens Basement Floor B Outside D-Tower laundry room
Floor 1 115A Near the kitchen
Morewood E-Tower Floor 1 133
Mudge House Floor 1 Floor 1 1st Floor of A-Tower
Resnik House Floor 1 Floor 1 Near Cruciform Room
Scobell House Floor 1 Floor 1 Next laundry room
Shirley Apartments Floor A Floor A  
Stever House Floor 1 Floor 1 2 facilities, across from Quiet Study
The Residence on 5th Floor 1 Floor 1 2 facilities 
Welch House Floor 1 Floor 1 Next to communal lounge space
West Wing Floor 2



Public access restrooms located in the lobby & main hallway. Remaining facilities are designated for staff in Career & Professional Development Center, operating hours may affect access to all facilities


Floor 2 214
Floor 2


Floor 2


Floor 2 242
Floor 2 256
Floor 2 266
Floor 2 278
Floor 2 286
The Gender Inclusive Restrooms listed above are known single stall/single occupancy spaces with designated signage.  If you are aware of a restroom that is not listed below, or you would like to propose a single use restroom to be converted to All-Gender, please email, .