Carnegie Mellon University

Obtaining a Bollard Pass

FMS issues bollard passes to requestors, whether they are internal (faculty, staff, etc…) or external (vendors, contractors, delivery companies, etc…). 

In order to obtain a bollard pass, the requestor will need to come to the Service Response Center on the 2nd floor of the FMS Building and fill out a pass with the following information:

1.) Name of the company or person that needs the bollards lowered
2.) Area the bollards are located
3.) Dates and times the bollards will need to be lowered. 

The pass will then be approved by someone on the FMS Management Team.  It is the responsibility of the requestor to contact University Police at 412-268-2323 to have the bollards lowered.  For safety and security reasons, the bollards will be immediately raised once the permit holder has entered onto campus.  The permit holder will need to re-contact University Police to have the bollards re-lowered for egress.

The approved bollard pass will need to be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle being used. 

For questions or concerns regarding bollard passes, please contact the FMCS Service Response Center by calling 412-268-2910.