Carnegie Mellon University

Talking Tartan

Our first priority is to support your successful transition to life in college. You and your family members will receive a weekly summer newsletter, called Talking Tartan, which will share campus resources and information, introduce you to the people who make CMU exceptional, and uncover the unique, quirky aspects of your new community. You’ll learn more about the academic transition, CMU’s ethic of care, building lasting relationships, our values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and so much more.

May 24: Let's Get Started, Tartans! 

Information about Talking Tartan, other summer communications and CMU's unique Scottish heritage.

May 30: Your Academic Transition at Carnegie Mellon

Learning to explore deeply as a scholar and how to meet the demands of CMU's rigorous academic environment is part of the transition to college. Learn about some of the resources available to support your academic transition.

June 5: Enrollment Resources at CMU

Enrollment Services is a key contact for new students, supporting student retention and persistence through individualized attention, smart technology, and professional and welcoming staff.

June 12: Health & Well-Being Resources at CMU

At Carnegie Mellon, individual and collective well-being is rooted in healthy connections, both to people and to campus resources. Learn more about resources related to your health at CMU.

June 20: Inclusive Excellence at CMU

A diverse and inclusive community is the foundation for excellence in research, creativity, learning, and human development, and is at the core of our mission here at CMU. We cultivate diverse populations and perspectives and promote equity, inclusion and belonging. Learn about how CMU realizes its campus commitments and explore ways to get involved.

June 27: The CMU Residential Experience

Our house communities value and celebrate our students’ diverse individual stories and intersectional identities, as well as build community through shared experiences and dialogue as part of the daily lived experience.

July 3: Enhancing Your Academic Experience

CMU offers many opportunities to enhance your learning and experiences beyond the classroom. Research, study abroad and service learning help students to explore new interests, engage in hands-on, experiential learning and address real world problems.

July 10: Planning for Your Career

Explore your career options early in your academic journey with CMU’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC). Through early engagement programs and resources, first-year students can improve their employment outlook after graduation.

July 17: Getting Engaged & Involved at CMU

Many offices and opportunities will help you build community, develop personal and professional skills and explore your passions during your time at CMU. Learn more about university involvement, student organizations, and activities that will help you make the most of your CMU experience.

July 24: Relationships & Support at CMU

Investing in meaningful relationships is especially valuable for new students. The relationships you build in your new CMU community will shape and enrich your university experience.

July 31: First-Year Orientation

During First-Year Orientation, you’ll be introduced to Carnegie Mellon’s unique, inclusive, and caring community. Orientation will help you build the foundations for academic success, community, well-being, and pride in being a Tartan. 

August 7: Orientation Meals & On-Campus Dining

Learn about meals throughout Orientation week as well as information about dining plans and locations, special dining needs, and nutrition programming and education.

August 14: Orientation Kick-Off & Schedule

Let's get started, Tartans! Make sure you're ready for Move-In Day, pack a facial covering for events in the Orientiaton tent, and check out the First-Year Family Orientation schedule for Sunday, August 20.