Carnegie Mellon University

Our first priority is to support your successful transition to life in college.

Talking Tartan is a newsletter sent to incoming first-year students, as well as their families, as they prepare to join the Carnegie Mellon campus community.

Newsletters will be archived here. 

August 3: First-Year Orientation
During First-Year Orientation, you’ll be introduced to Carnegie Mellon’s unique, inclusive and caring community. Orientation will help you build the foundations for academic success, community, well-being and pride in being a Tartan. 

July 27: Remote Learning at CMU
Whether on campus, in Pittsburgh, at home or elsewhere, all CMU students will experience some of their classes in a remote environment. In addition to academic coaching and individual and small group programs, the Student Academic Success Center is here to help students maximize their learning in all of their courses, no matter the mode of delivery.

July 20: Getting Involved and Engaged at CMU
Many offices and opportunities will help you build community, develop personal and professional skills and explore your passions – whether attending CMU in-person or remotely – through university involvement, student organizations and activities.

July 13: Health Resources at CMU
At Carnegie Mellon, individual and collective well-being is rooted in healthy connections, both to people and to campus resources. Learn more about resources related to your health at CMU.

July 6: Global to Local Impact
A hallmark of the Carnegie Mellon experience is collaborating across fields to tackle society’s biggest challenges and to deliver work that matters.

June 29: Planning for Your Career
Explore your career options early in your academic journey with CMU’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC). Through early engagement programs and resources, first-year students can improve their employment outlook after graduation.

June 22: Enrollment Resources at CMU
Enrollment Services is a key contact for new students, supporting student retention and persistence through individualized attention, smart technology, and professional and welcoming staff.

June 15: Relationships and Support at CMU
Investing in meaningful relationships is invaluable for new students, especially in our current state of physical distancing. The relationships you build in your new CMU community will shape and enrich your university experience.

June 8: Your Academic Transition at Carnegie Mellon
Learning to engage deeply as a scholar and how to meet the demands of CMU's rigorous academic environment is part of the transition of the first semester. Learn about some of the resources available to support your academic transition.

June 1: Let's Get Started, Tartans! 
Information about Talking Tartan, other summer communications and CMU's unique Scottish heritage.