Carnegie Mellon University

Goal: Shape a Culture of Efficiency

Shape a culture of efficiency both within and beyond the Finance Division in which people collaborate on new ideas, methods and processes to increase productivity, improve accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.

Efficiency is the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time, effort and funds. A culture of efficiency improves productivity, allowing the division and its employees to focus on key objectives and deliverables.

The following strategies will be considered in the division’s strategic plan:

  • Accept and identify large and small process improvement opportunities.
  • Bring improvement opportunities to the attention of supervisors or submit via the internal Finance Division Feedback Form.
  • Include improvement opportunities in employee goals to encourage a continual culture of efficiency.
  • Follow a structured implementation framework for improvement projects, complete with a cross-functional and representative team with defined roles, a project objective, a current state map, a documented intended future state design and a formal implementation plan.
  • Comply with existing university policies and guidelines or promote the development of new policies and guidelines for consistent and efficient improvements.