Carnegie Mellon University

Goal: Engage, Partner, and Collaborate

Engage, partner, and collaborate within the division and across the university by building frequent, targeted, and transparent communication for seamless services and improved customer satisfaction.

Engagement, partnerships, and collaboration unify communities. The CMU global community, which consists of several schools and colleges, administrative units and a student body, requires unification across, between, and within each of these audiences. It is the job of the Finance Division to share, educate, and connect our knowledge with the appropriate audiences. Providing excellent customer service and resources to the university will secure our reputation as a valuable partner and advocate of university initiatives.

The following strategies will be considered in the division’s strategic plan:

  • Review current support of and collaboration with other units, research best practices on customer service models within higher education, and develop and implement a support model for the division in collaboration with other units.
  • Consult with our stakeholders to obtain feedback, measure progress, and determine areas for improved partnership, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Collaborate within the division and with academic and administrative units to implement enterprise wide initiatives to support the campus community.
  • Lead change by initiating and maintaining ongoing partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to share technical expertise, data, and other resources for problem-solving and strategic planning.
  • Communicate with the campus community by utilizing campus groups, implementing information-sharing forums, developing focused training sessions, and presenting road shows on finance and business topics.