Carnegie Mellon University

Goal: Empower Decision Making with Data

Integrate advances in information and systems technology to enhance the collection, structuring, and analysis of data for decision-making and change management.

In order to make sound decisions, multiple stakeholders from various areas of the institution need reliable access and require dynamic views and customized analysis of information. Requests for more timely and relevant data will steadily increase as constituents strive to make informed strategic and operational decisions.

Data must be unified and provided in a meaningful way so that it is easily accessible, practicable and independent of the tools used to retrieve it. We must serve as a champion for data driven decision-making and provide campus with the support and resources to act in the same manner.

In order to provide decision makers with a consistent data set that will empower responsible decision making, we must understand the questions, issues, and problems that the data should answer and address.

The following strategies will be considered in the division’s strategic plan:

  • Assess institutional budgeting and planning approach in order to define strategies and solutions that will advance university strategic initiatives and strengthen financial sustainability.
  • Evaluate data available in financial systems and other administrative systems to identify and address gaps between the data available and the data desired.
  • Develop and optimize analytical tools for data analysis and reporting.
  • Create a community of business intelligence experts within the Finance Division and across the university who will share their expertise and best practices for developing tools and reports to increase analytical data-driven decision making.
  • Build executive dashboards in conjunction with university leadership in order to utilize accurate and timely data in both operational and strategic decision-making.
  • Provide analysis and context to guide and inform decision-making for our campus business partners.