Carnegie Mellon University

Goal: Commit to Excellence

Commit to excellence within the Finance Division by ensuring all processes and operations are necessary, clearly defined and efficiently designed to align people, systems and policies, as well as to maximize productivity, improve efficiency and achieve higher quality and value.

In order to be a valuable resource to the university, the Finance Division must commit itself to excellence. We must be a cohesive organization that works together across departments, divisions and schools. We will demonstrate excellence by participating in decision-making, implementing process improvements, adhering to the highest work and support standards, and striving to be the best in our industry. As business and finance experts, we have a responsibility to steward the finances of the university. By identifying and recommending cost-saving mechanisms and revenue-generating ideas, the division will strengthen the financial position of the university and allow for continued excellence in education and research at CMU.

The following strategies will be considered in the division’s strategic plan:

  • Evaluate current systems, policies and processes to identify opportunities to best optimize university resources by eliminating redundancies and by increasing automation and system functionality.
  • Optimize the business processes to maximize value to the campus community and realize cost efficiency opportunities at both the unit and university level.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration between units and externally with community partners.
  • Define and implement project management processes and tools that meet the needs of the division and the institution for portfolio and project management.