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Carnegie Mellon University
March 12, 2019

Effort Certifications for Fall 2018

Effort Certifications for Fall 2018 will be generated in Oracle on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 and are due by April 24, 2019. In preparation, please review the Oracle Supervisor assigned to your department’s employees and make any necessary updates in Workday. Otherwise, requests to reassign effort certification workflow items to the appropriate Oracle Supervisors should be submitted to the CMUWorks Service Center at cmu-works@andrew.cmu.edu.

Remember to use Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) query Employee Oracle Supervisor Lookup, which can be found under College & Departments > Labor Distribution > Effort Report Monitoring. This report identifies employees who are eligible for Effort Certifications.

For additional information, please review:

Please contact the CMUWorks Service Center for questions at cmu-works@andrew.cmu.edu or x8-4600.