The Propaganda Game

Directed by Alvaro Longoria | Spain/France | 2014 | 84 min.Buy Tickets Watch Trailer

The Propaganda Game

“The film works best when the incredible, often terrifying footage of the hermit Kingdom is allowed to speak for itself.”-James McCann, The Adelaide Review

Thursday, March 24
7:00 pm | McConomy Auditorium | CMU University Center

Event Includes:
+ Themed Reception

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+ Liberty in North Korea, CMU and Pitt Chapters



“If somebody is able to intimidate us out of releasing a satirical movie [The Interview],” said President Barack Obama in response to the 2014 North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures, “imagine what they start doing once they see a documentary that they don't like.”

Director Alvaro Longoria’s response leads us to believe North Korea would ensure they liked the documentary they saw. The Propaganda Game is an intimate look inside the world’s most locked down and satirised nation, serving as an interesting portrait of the way in which North Korea wishes to be viewed, directed by a man wishing to unravel their myths. Alvaro Longoria, after many failed attempts to gain access to the country, befriends North Korea’s only foreign diplomat – Alejandro Cao de Benos – a man of Spanish descent, who pulls some strings to grant Longoria permission to film a documentary inside the hermit country. Although Longoria is theoretically allowed to interview anyone while there, his entire itinerary is predetermined, and he is unable to leave his guides or Cao de Benos for the duration of the trip. What follows is an ultra-skewed portrait of North Korea, a free exploration of the country without any freedom, which sees Alvaro thrust into a number of eerily unrealistic situations as he attempts to draw the line between fact and fiction and prove that we all move pieces in this Propaganda Game.


  • San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2015, Zabaltegui Selection
  • Stockholm Film Festival, 2015, Best Documentary Nominee
  • Goya Awards, 2016, Best Documentary Nominee

Director Alvaro Longoria

Alvaro Longoria is one of the founders of Morena Films (1999). He graduated Cum Laude in Business Administration from the University of Boston and later completed a Masters in the same subject at the Stern School of Business of New York University. Since founding Morena he has produced several critically acclaimed films including Che and Che: Part II directed by Steven Soderbergh. He has also directed several documentaries, including Sons of the Clouds, winner of the 2013 Goya Award for Best Film Documentary.