Thursday, March 23 @ 7:00PM // McConomy Auditorium, CMU

“When you lose your self-respect, you’re done for.” - Daniel Blake inI, Daniel Blake

When we chose this year’s theme: “Faces of Identity,” we recognized the significance and the struggles that would come with covering such a broad and unlimited word, a word still being defined and tested today. We selected I, Daniel Blake as the opening night feature film to begin the conversation on Identity. This film shines a light on the injustice that we see around us every day and one man’s defiant journey to reclaim his identity from a welfare system that seeks to define him as a number instead of as a human. It is all too common for injustice to lead to a discussion of identity. We wanted to give our viewers the opportunity to explore identity in a safe space.

The CMU IFF’s Opening Night event will host the Pittsburgh Premiere of the Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake. Following the film, University of Pittsburgh professor Roger Rouse will lead an interactive Q&A discussion with the audience.
The Opening Night Reception will include British-style cuisine and music accompaniment by local pianist Antonio Cruise.

Co-presented with Britsburgh. Co-sponsored by CMU’s Humanities Scholars Program & Department of Philosophy.


Fridays, March 24, 31 & April 7 @ 7:00PM // CMOA Theater, Carnegie Museum of Art

For the first time ever, the CMU IFF is partnering with Carnegie Nexus, a newborn project within the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh designed to build bridges to connect its four museums (the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Andy Warhol) through interdisciplinary programs celebrating art, technology, culture, science, and innovation. Together the CMU IFF’s “Faces of Identity” season and Carnegie Nexus’ “Strange Times” series will explore the thematic focal point of the Anthropocene, Earth in the age of the human, through a film series hosted in the Carnegie Museum of Art Theatre.

Join us all three Fridays of the CMU IFF season for three films including Special Guest Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and food receptions:

  • Friday, March 24: Anthropocene + Panel Discussion & Reception
  • Friday, March 31: When Two Worlds Collide + Panel Discussion & Reception
  • Friday, April 7: The Age of Consequences + Exclusive Q & A with Director Jared P. Scott & Reception

Co-presented with Carnegie Nexus, a project of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh


Friday, March 31 @ 7:00pm // McConomy Auditorium, CMU

For the first time in CMU IFF history, the festival has partnered with a local artist to celebrate its 2017 theme “Faces of Identity.” In honor of the CMU IFF’s pursuit to explore Identity, Pittsburgh-based artist Baron Batch created a reflective sculpture piece that rotated through various locations around CMU campus and served as a daily reminder of the importance of thoughtfulness regarding the arts and oneself.
Join us for an exclusive Q&A event with The Artist, Baron Batch. Like all of our events, audiences are encouraged to attend ready for discussion, difficult questions, and thoughtfulness. But unlike all of our other events, the conversation will not just be about film, but about artistic creation as a multifaceted entity worthy of study, interrogation, and absorption.
Art-loving audiences or even those who would never call themselves as such will have the chance to meet and talk with a driven, local artist about more than the physical art on the page, but also about what makes us “us,” how we brand ourselves in the world, how we navigate our own success, and much more.

The discussion will be followed by a reception hosted by Studio AM.

Co-presented with Studio AM. Sponsored by CMU’s Division of Student Affairs


Thursday, April 6 @ 7:00PM // McConomy Auditorium, CMU

The CMU IFF’s mission is to bring the world outside beyond our own into your front yard. But never in our history has that included live animals.

Join us for the screening of the film The Eagle Huntress and meet a real-life falcon for a presentation by The National Aviary here in Pittsburgh. Learn more about the large birds of prey that dominate the skies of our planet and meet one in person yourself!

Sponsored by CMU’s Humanities Scholars Program.


Sunday, April 9 @ 4:00PM // McConomy Auditorium, CMU

As the festival lineup comes to a close, we want to leave you with the future of identity. The hope we all have for forming our own identities in this world can be seen in El Futuro Perfecto as it explores how a foreign language is able to liberate the film’s main character, Xiaobin, to imagine different possible futures for herself. With our closing selection, we similarly strive to encourage our audiences to seek the full potentials of our various human languages and to imagine the countless futures that are possible for ourselves and the world, and which ones we prefer to pursue.

Join us for a Closing Night event screening the film El Futuro Perfecto followed by a Q&A discussion with the film’s director Nele Wohlatz. The Closing Night Reception will conclude our Festival season.

“The End of Blessings,” a short film by two local talents, will be screened prior to El Futuro Perfecto, as a celebration of local filmmaking, artistry, and identity. The producer and director, John Rice, is the Senior Teaching Artist at Point Park University. The writer is Jim Daniels, a poet and Thomas Stockham Baker University Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University. The film follows an African American cyclist on his weekly Sunday ride and his nuanced interactions with a passersby in his community. “The End of Blessings” was filmed in Polish Hill and received its debut screening at the Three Rivers Film Festival in 2015.

Co-presented with Carlow University. Co-sponsored by CMU’s Student Dormitory Council and Modern Languages Department, University of Pittsburgh’s Film Studies Program, German Department, Asian Studies Center, and Center for Latin American Studies.