2015 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

2016 Festival Preview

The 2016 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival, organized by The Humanities Center, continues to celebrate the art of filmmaking and the themes that define our contemporary social landscape. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the festival will bring the ubiquitous and intimate theme of conflict to life through the power of independent film, poignant discussions, ethnic cuisine, and more. This year’s festival will both move us and enrich us by helping us better comprehend the unique ways in which “Faces of Conflict” shape our modern world and ourselves.

The festival is dedicated to Paul Goodman, a world-renowned filmmaker, psychologist, and Carnegie Mellon professor, whose legacy continues to live on through scholarships that allow the festival to present compelling, international films and culturally provocative events each year.

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Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival: Faces of Work