"To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy." –Bette Davis

The eighth edition of the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival, sponsored by the Humanities Center, is dedicated to the legacy of Paul Goodman, the world-renowned filmmaker, psychologist, and Carnegie Mellon professor, and to his professional focus on the human challenges and achievements of diverse groups of workers worldwide. This year, Paul has been recognized with two major awards at the Madrid International Film Festival for his astounding accomplishments, including the Best Producer of Documentary Film Award for Shipbreakers! Festival audiences will have the opportunity to explore the many "Faces of Work" through Paul's compelling short films along with the Pittsburgh premiere screenings of new, distinctive, and award-winning international films and documentaries from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Sweden, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, France, Egypt, Chad, Iran, India, Israel, Vietnam, China, Canada, and the USA.

Paul's work emphasized global awareness through his teaching and research while exploring the theme of work in both international and local Pittsburgh communities. This dedication prompted his desire to bring to light important but often overlooked aspects of work by diverse individuals using his favorite teaching mechanism - filmmaking. "Faces of Work" takes its inspiration from Paul’s vision; its international roster of films will provide a visual examination and interpretation of global working conditions and spaces, and the people in them.

From Polish director Andrzej Wajda's biopic of Lech Wałęsa, former electrician and controversial President of Poland whose championing of workers' rights contributed to the fall of communism in eastern Europe; to Paul Goodman's depiction of the challenging assignments of ship breakers in India; to famed documentarian Frederick Wiseman's exploration into the inner workings of a publicly-funded university; to a Chinese rehab center for Internet addicts. This year's feature films and documentaries will engage audiences with the efforts of workers around the globe, and examine how their contributions to our economy both improve and challenge societies in countless ways.

The Faces Festival is an annual celebration of international film and its potential to shine a light on the human faces involved in shaping our contemporary social landscape. Audiences are encouraged to explore the numerous complex themes of these films beyond the screenings themselves by participating in audience Q&A sessions with directors, artists, academics, and professionals; by engaging with interactive performances by student artists; and by sampling exotic foods and international cuisine from local eateries.

For additional information about the festival, please visit our website, www.cmu.edu/faces, or contact the festival director, Jolanta Lion, at jola@cmu.edu. We look forward to seeing your faces in the audience!

Trailer by Lila Fagen | Stock footage source | Music: "Aga Aga (Hiromichi Mix)" by Jib Kiddger

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