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Our Sponsors

How To Sponsor Faces of Mechanization: The Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

  1. Provide a Fiscal Contribution.
    The money provided through your sponsorship allows us to make the Festival exceptional. These contributions provide support for many of the tasks we are undertaking, including bringing directors to Pittsburgh to speak about their films and answer any questions you may have, and expanding the scope of the Festival beyond the Carnegie Mellon campus and into the greater Pittsburgh community.
    Please send checks to:
    CMU International Film Festival
    c/o Regina Turbay
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Office of the Dean
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Baker Hall 154
    5000 Forbes Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  2. Provide In-Kind Support.
    We need help with printing, advertising, and administrative projects. If you or your company provide printing services, have the capacity to advertise or spread the word about the Festival, your help would be incredible valuable. In return, we would be happy to promote your company in all of our promotional materials and on our website.
    If you are interested in providing in-kind support, please contact:
    Jolanta Lion at or by phone at 412-445-6292
  3. Attend the Festival! Please come to screenings and participate in our events!

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