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Faces Behind The Scenes

Einhorn Design was in high gear to architect and manufacture 3-D images and animation.


Quelcy T. Kogel

Quelcy is an expatriate living in Paris on semi-sabbatical from the festival (she was last year's Artistic Director).  Her alarm clock (aka a two-year old French boy) sounds at 7:30 AM. In between episodes of "Dora L'Exploratrice" and "Babar," Quelcy begins brainstorming film descriptions and director biographies.  She has just enough time between au pair duties and French class to respond to Jolanta's fifteen new emails.  Between 9:00 AM and  8:00PM she quietly sells flowers in the crowded streets of Montmartre (if only...).  At 9:00 PM Quelcy is an off-duty au pair and views Zmijewski's "Selected Works". Asleep by midnight, Quelcy has a nightmare that she is the Polish woman who has been ironing for more than twenty years or the cashier who spends all her free time frying her hair.

Lillian L. Deritter

Lillian weaves film descriptions and marketing materials into the fabric of Film Festival Press Releases, web-pages and hard-copy brochures. Although Lillian's background in directing ala Carnegie Mellon School of Drama usually provokes her to critiques and commentary, the visual mastery of La Antena left her much like the characters- speechless!

Johnny Mabold

Johnny's face has been all over local businesses and ethnic organizations in an effort to build relationships and to construct a public support structure for Faces of Mechanization. Johnny is the logistician for the Opening Night reception; He has been responsible for ironing out the details of supplies, scheduling and distribution of savory Argentine Stew (of which there may not be leftovers after his Quality Control tests), Argentina's national drink- Yerbe Mate,  Argentina's slightly stronger national drink Malbec wine, and cathartic Polish Vodka. While he isn't quite as buried in his work as the Ukrainian miners, he really appreciates the film Workingman's Death.

David Shumway
Director of the Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon

David is the visionary and top investor of the festival. His favorite film is The Future is Not What It Used To Be.

Jolanta Lion
Director, Film Festival

Jolanta has to be some combination of human and machine to have brought Faces of Mechanization from a mere sketch to a festival of global proportions.  With a decaff latte (or is it Malbec) as her fuel, Jolanta selected the films and shorts one screener at a time, used her Polish charm (aka persistence and bluntness) to set the venues and persuade businesses and organizations to lend their financial support.  Like any fine tuned machine, Jolanta saw any extraneous activities (Easter, sleeping, preparing meals, etc) as hindrances to her festival goals.  Although Jolanta's background as a film instructor enables her to elaborate on every film, she would offer the most words on the nearly silent film, La Antena. 

Enjoy the show!

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