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Our Daily Bread
Unser täglich Brot


  • Sunday, April 13, 5:30pm @ Manor Theatre [M] (Reserve Tickets)*
  • Monday April 14, 9:00pm @ Carnegie Mellon University McConomy Auditorium Special guest! (Reserve Tickets)*
*Allegro Hearth Bakery will provide your daily slice of bread, hummus and cheeses prepared without the poking and prodding of mysterious mechanizations at screenings of OUR DAILY BREAD     


Directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Austria, 2006
Runtime: 92 minutes

Awards and Nominations
  • 2007 EcoCamera Award, Rencontres Internationales du documentaire de Montréal
  • 2006 Grand Prize, New York Film Festival
  • 2006 Grand Prix, International Festival on the Environment, Paris
  • 2006 Best Film, Ecocinema International Film Festival Athens
  • 2006 Honourable Mention, Special Jury Prize, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Toronto
  • 2006 Science & Religion Prize - Visions du Réel, Nyon
  • 2006 Nomination, European Film Award, Prix Arte
  • 2005 Special Jury Award – International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam
Film Description

“…never fails to enthrall because of the impeccable eye -- for composition, for color, for movement within the frame -- of filmmaker Geyrhalter.” Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

We are what we eat, as the saying goes, but do we know what we are eating? Food in today's world is as much an item of mass production as the vehicles we drive. Chickens are fattened in congested cages, while genetically modified tomatoes ripen in mega-greenhouses, and cattle require human intervention for reproduction.  Food is another product of the twenty-first century mentality: mechanization and sterility.  Humans are merely white lab coats plugging away at assembly-line efficiency.  Director Nikolaus Greyhalter avoids commentary and adheres to the directness of images to allow you, the viewer, to digest the topic independently. The result will surely change your next meal.

"Our Daily Bread" is the authorial work of the thirty-four-year-old Austrian Nikolaus Geyhalter, who collected documentary material in various European countries.  As an example of film in its starkest form, "Our Daily Bread" runs for nearly ninety minutes without a single word of commentary. The onscreen images suffice as the camera patiently records such basic activities as picking fruit, feeding animals, butchering meat or consuming a lunchbreak sandwich. Everything is mechanized, hygienic, and performed by assembly-line workers who look more like laboratory technicians than food industry employees.  This multi-award winning documentary is a feast for eyes that will conflict the tongue.

Director Bio: Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Nikolaus Geyrhalter founded Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion in 1994. Since 2003 the production company acts in coordination with Markus Glaser, Michael Kitzberger and Wolfgang Widerhofer. While the core competence of Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion produces quality TV productions and full-length documentaries for theater release, all of them stressing the author’s point of view, in the future the company plans to move in the direction of smaller fictional co-productions with international participation.


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