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Faces of Democracy: The Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival is proud to present the Faces of Democracy Student Short International Film Competition.

When "democracy" became the theme of our festival, our class learned to expand how we perceive its meaning...stepping beyond "for the people and by the people." Democratic systems are not mere clones of the United States. Democratic systems come in various stages from the firmly founded to those with newly-formed shallow roots. It is with this understanding that we came to view the faces of democracy from a wider perspective. The International Short Film competition asked students from all over the globe to do the same thing. The submissions were a combination of skillful cinematography and personal interpretation of freedom. The winning selections artistically present life in a new democracy...a life that includes marginalization, slums, demonstrations, generational conflicts, opposition to authority, prostitution, drugs and weapons. These films are about the people. They are truly about the faces. Submissions trickled in from all corners of the globe, and it is with great pleasure that I now present to you the top three choices as selected by a jury of class members, professors, writers and film studies students.

Final Winners

  • First Place: The Seeds
    Directed by Wojciech Kasperski of Lodz Film School in Poland
  • Second Place: Little Morning Story
    Directed by Stefan Arsenijevic of FDU Belgrade in Serbia
  • Third Place: x2
    Directed by Bartosz Paduch of Silesia University in Poland

Other Submissions

  • Broadcast Rehearsal (2006)
    Directed by Tomasz Jurkiewicz of Silesia University in Poland
  • The Sisters (2006)
    Directed by Krzysztof Borowka of Silesia University in Poland
  • Piece of Heaven
    Directed by Kuba Czekaj of Silesia University in Poland
  • Together
    Directed by Jan P. Matuszynski of Silesia University in Poland
  • User's Manual (2006)
    Directed by Una Radic, The Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb, Croatia
United States
  • On The Road With Evo
    Directed by Tupac Mauricio Saavedra, San Francisco, CA
  • Pears (2005)
    Directed by Heidi Saman, Temple University
  • Talking To Strangers (2006)
    Directed by Alejandro Sesma, The London Film School
  • Zekuu (2006)
    Directed by Katsura Murata, The London Film School

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