Magical Girl

Directed by Carlos Vermut | Spain | 2014 | 127 min.Buy Tickets Watch Trailer


“A darkly intriguing, expertly composed and elegantly austere moral fable.”- Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, March 23
7:00 PM | McConomy Auditorium | CMU University Center

Event Includes:
+ Themed Reception


“Do you know why Spain is a country in eternal conflict? Because we are not sure if we are a rational or emotional country. Nordic people, for example, act in accordance with their brains. However, the Arabs or Latinos have accepted their passionate side without blame. Both know which are their strong points. Spaniards are balanced right in the middle. That is the way we are, as bullfighting. And what is bullfighting? The representation of the struggle between instinct and technique. Between emotion and reason. We have to accept our instincts and learn to deal with them as if they were a bull, trying not to be destroyed by them. That’s exactly what we offer to our customers. Could you please take off your clothes?”the mysterious, wealthy man requests of Barbara, an attractive young woman with mental disorders. The reason for her undressing links her to Luis, a father, who will do anything in his power to grant his dying daughter her dream. Alicia, the sick child, wants to wear the dress of her favorite Japanese series Magical Girl Yukiko. Disconnected people, connected by their conflicts, ensnared in a world of blackmail, these characters’ stories will unfurl in a genre-defying way that will leave you conflicted.


  • San Sebastián Film Festival, 2014, Golden Shell for Best Film
  • San Sebastián Film Festival, 2014, Silver Shell for Best Director
  • Busan International Film Festival (South Korea), 2014, Flash Forward Award
  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2014, Discovery Official Selection

Director Carlos Vermut

Carlos Vermut studied illustration at the Escuela de Arte Número Diez de Madrid and made his first steps as an illustrator for the newspaper El Mundo. After winning the injuve price of comics in 2006, he published his first solo comic, El Banyàn Rojo [The Red Banyan], which received four nominations at the Barcelona International Comics Convention. In 2010, he began writing the script for his first feature film, Diamond Flash. After sending the script to several producers and getting no response, he created his own company, Psicosoda Films and started producing Diamond Flash as an independent. The film was financed with the profits Vermut had generated from the operating rights of the series Jelly Jamm. It was distributed directly online on the cinema platform Filmin, and it became the most viewed movie on the online cinema portal for two weeks. Diamond Flash is acclaimed by critics and was voted by the film magazine Caimàn as the Best Spanish Film in 2012, tied with Blancanieves by Pablo Berger. Magical Girl is his second feature film.