Youth Outreach Program

The Carnegie Mellon International “Faces” Film Festival’s Youth Outreach Program, is a pioneering educational outreach program offered to schools throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area that will focus on providing educational and creative platforms for youth to learn about narratives from around the world through international films and documentaries and to develop their own narratives in a hands-on documentary workshop, with the intended impact of enhancing students’ academic and civic engagement, critical thinking, and media literacy.

The Youth Outreach Program will use the immersive medium of film, hands-on workshop, and interactive festival activities to fully engage young audiences in discussions on critical issues regarding intercultural awareness, media, and the 2016 festival theme of “Conflict”, providing a unique and educational experience that likely would not occur within the traditional classroom setting. Field trips will be coordinated to CMU IFF screenings where students will participate in thematic film screenings, interact with film directors and local professionals, and engage each other through interactive festival activities, including food receptions with ethnic cuisine and a “Work in Progress” Day. Additionally, a professional filmmaker will lead an in-class workshop on narrative storytelling while helping students learn media literacy and gain technical proficiency.

The 2016 Youth Outreach Program is generously funded by CMU ProSEED’s Crosswalk Seed Grant and sponsored by The Sprout Fund.