Welcome to CMU IFF's Special Virtual Screening of

Sorry We Missed You

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who participated in the CMU International Film Festival's online screening of "Sorry We Missed You" and Live Discussion event! We greatly appreciate your support. With your help, we were able to make a donation to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

We were grateful to be able to reconnect virtually with our audience during our Live Discussion event, which you can watch below. The discussion was moderated by Brittany Zortman, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and facilitated by Roger Rouse, a long-time scholar of labor and family life in contemporary capitalism. Dr. Rouse has compiled a resource guide you can use to look further into the film and the issues it addresses, whether you participated in the discussion or not. You can find it here.

1. Opening Remarks

Festival Director, Jolanta Lion, and filmmaker, Ken Loach, warmly welcome you to the 2020 Faces of Home Festival, followed by a thank you to our 2020 sponsors.

2. Virtual Screening

Saturday, May 16 through May 23

Tickets on sale Saturday, May 16 to Saturday, May 23; film available for streaming for 5 days after purchase

This year's festival, focusing on Faces of Home, was meant to take place in March and April. We chose Sorry We Missed You for our opening night because it provides a powerful account of how working in the lower reaches of the gig economy affects people’s family ties. We had to postpone the festival, of course, but we've been striving ever since to find another way of bringing you the film. That's because the coronavirus crisis has made its central questions more important than ever. What is life like for delivery drivers, home care nurses, and so many other ill-paid but essential workers? How do the conditions under which they labor ripple through the relationships that matter to them most? And how does all this affect the uses and meanings of home — for the people who do these jobs and for all the people that they serve?

Now you can see how the film illuminates these issues. Just buy a ticket via our website between May 16 and May 23. This will allow you to stream the film at any time within five days of your purchase. You can learn more about the film and its acclaimed director here.

This special screening of "Sorry We Missed You" is sponsored by CMU's Department of English, Center for the Arts in Society, and Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, WYEP, WESA, and WPTS.

You’ll need to register or log in to the film distributor’s website to purchase tickets and watch the film. Film available for five days after ticket purchase.

50% of the Festival’s proceeds will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

3. Live Discussion

Saturday, May 23 @ 9PM (EST)

Join us for a FREE live discussion of the film on Zoom. The discussion will be facilitated by Roger Rouse, a long-time scholar of labor and family in contemporary capitalism, and will include input from Lisa Frank, Executive Vice President for Strategic Campaigns at SEIU Healthcare PA. We’ll begin the discussion promptly at 9pm so please join the Zoom site a few minutes before then. We envisage continuing for about 45 minutes. To participate, you will need to register in advance.

Almost Like the Real Thing

Saturday, May 23

Want to simulate the experience of attending the opening night we had planned? If so, buy your ticket between May 19 and May 23 and then, on the evening of the 23rd., just take the following steps:

Start Time Event Description Run Time

Visit this page on the festival website and play the Opening Remarks by Festival Director, Jolanta Lion, and the director of Sorry We Missed You, Ken Loach, and our 2020 Sponsor Acknowledgement Trailer.

5-7 min

View the online screening of Sorry We Missed You on the Kino Marquee website here. (To be able to access the film on May 23, purchase your ticket between May 19 and May 23.)

101 min

Join the Zoom meeting for the live discussion and then participate in whatever way you choose. To join the discussion, you will need to register in advance.

~45 min