Directed by Jose Muniain

USA | 2019 | 18 min


About the Film

Garbage is about the misconceptions our society perpetrates about race and how those misconceptions can lead to conflict, violence and even death. Black and white Americans move in two different universes in the same country, which the two main characters of Garbage exemplify;, with the Black male seen as an instrument of death and the White woman as a symbol of purity and innocence. Through their interaction, and as their exchange becomes increasingly tense, the audience is taken on a journey that interrogates how white people in America sometimes don't even realize how they've been indoctrinated.


  • Cortada Short Film Festival, 2019, Audience Choice Award
  • Portland Short Fest, 2019, Best Actor Award
  • Miami Independent Film Festival, 2019, Semi-finalist

About the Director

Jose Muniain an award-winning filmmaker from Bilbao, Spain. He has been living in Pittsburgh for twenty years. His work behind the camera has ranged from long- and short-form documentary to fiction. The subjects of his films typically involve either the creative process or film as a medium to discuss social responsibility.

CMU IFF Review

In Jose Muniain's riveting short film "Garbage", a white schoolteacher and her African American student explore and navigate the racial tensions that plague this country when she asks him for a favor. With powerful performances and great direction, this film engages and challenges the audience to explore our prejudices and shortcomings.

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