ESCC - Carnegie Mellon University

Executive Steering Committee on Computing (ESCC)

The Executive Steering Committee on Computing (ESCC) was formed in 2006 as a forum for executive consideration of enterprise information technology (IT) issues. The ESCC provides advice on interconnected business and IT decisions at Carnegie Mellon. A “Technology Commitments” Calendar defines a portfolio of high-level projects, milestones, and schedules for enterprise IT projects involving ESCC members and Computing Services.

What Computing Services does for the ESCC
Computing Services informs ESCC members at the beginning of enterprise IT decision making, disclosing goals, costs, and risks of enterprise IT projects. Computing Services assists the organizations led by ESCC members to document requests for work including project plan, resource plan, security, and funding data.

What the ESCC does for Computing Services
The ESCC advises Computing Services on Carnegie Mellon IT priorities. If there is disagreement on particular issues involving the portfolio of projects reviewed by the ESCC, it will be dealt with among the individuals, with the ability to engage the Provost and President.

ESCC members are invited to the monthly ESCC meeting called by the CIO and Associate Vice Provost of Computing Services. Designees and guests may attend at the request of members.