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Services & Support

General Student System Support

Enrollment Systems assists the extended campus community with business analysis, data analysis, vendor liaison, and user interface troubleshooting services within the student systems.

Student Services Suite (S3)

In support of the Student Services Suite (S3), we maintain data integrity, own/manage the electronic student systems processes, respond to user feedback, provide detailed business analysis, and monitor systems integration points across the S3 platform.  That platform includes S3 user interfaces - S3 Admin Console, Student Information Online (SIO), SIO Admin Console, My Plaid Student (MPS), and the Billing and Aging module.  Additionally, Enrollment Systems:

  • Facilitates user access to Student Services Suite (S3) in accordance with security protocol and departmental requests.
  • Works with Computing Services to ensure the sustainability of the S3 environment.
  • Maintains communications and data transfer with integrated vendor systems within the suite such as FolderWave, PowerFAIDS and StarRez.

Production Services

Production Services performs administrative duties including:

  • Overseeing Data Security Agreements related to student systems.
  • Aiding users in re-establishing ERP passwords.
  • Working with Computing Services to create user accounts.
  • Maintaining production calendars.

System Administration & Server Support

Enrollment Systems maintains server environments for Student Affairs, ROTC, Campus Police, CAVE (Campus Affairs Virtual Server Environment), Undergraduate Admission Content Management System, Facilities Management Services, Health Services, and other areas as needed.

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