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Explore the Cheat Sheet for Climate Change - a guide to learning about climate change and energy for high school students!

Maybe you’re confused by all of the information swirling in the media about the climate. Or you understand the basics but don’t know what to say to an opinionated family member. Or maybe you’re just hyped about the environment and want to know how to get involved.

Whatever brings you here, we’ve got you covered. This guide is full of resources that answer your biggest questions and show you how to take action - all carefully chosen for high school students like you!

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Climate & Energy Resources for High School Students

Climate and Energy at CMU

Learn from CMU EPP professors and grad students about their research projects, thoughts on climate change, and advice for students.

Self-Guided Exploration

Check out our favorite trusted resources about climate change - including videos, articles, games, quizzes, and more!

What You Can Do About Climate Change

Ready to take action? Learn how to get involved through personal choices, advocacy, and careers.

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