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Causes of Climate Change

It may seem strange that one species is powerful enough to shift the planet’s balance. But we now know that nearly everything we do - eating, traveling, flipping a light switch - has a tiny impact on the climate, and it really adds up! See the resources below to understand more about how human activities have led to rapid warming of the earth.

How Climate Change and Energy are Related

Electricity is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and we are going to need more and more of it to improve everyone’s quality of life. We have to find ways to power our world while keeping the planet livable, and a lot of people are working on it! See the resources below to learn about different types of energy and how they affect the climate.

Impacts of Climate Change

Our world is getting warmer, but climate change affects more than just the temperature. More frequent natural disasters, rising seas, dying coral reefs, and many more impacts can be tied to a changing climate. Learn about many of the biggest consequences of climate change with the resources below.

Solutions for Climate Change

For better or for worse, there is no single solution to climate change. We need a variety of interventions - whether it be technology, policy, or even behavioral changes - and everyone has a part to play. See the resources below to learn about just a few of the tools we have.

Questions and Misconceptions about Climate Change

There are two things we know for sure: climate change is happening and it is caused in large part by human activities. But despite 97% of the world’s scientists agreeing on that, there is still a lot of confusion. Some of it is inevitable - we can’t all be climate scientists, after all - but there are also some groups who benefit from creating doubt. Whether you have your own questions or you're wondering how to explain things to others, the resources below can help.

Environmental and Energy Justice

No discussion of environmental issues is complete without talking about which groups are being hurt the most. In the United States, poor people and people of color are much more likely to have unsafe air and water. Around the globe, developing countries which have contributed very little to climate change are already experiencing some of its worst effects. Learn more about these issues and more below.

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