Carnegie Mellon University

Technology and Policy Minor

For CMU students outside the College of Engineering, EPP administers the Technology and Policy Minor. The T&P minor is designed to allow students to explore interests in the interactions of technology and policy without significant overload to the course requirements in their major curriculum.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please schedule an appointment with Deanna Matthews, Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs.

Pre-requisites: Students should have prerequisite knowledge in economics (73-102 Microeconomics or higher level economics course) and statistics (36-202 Statistical Methods or higher level statistics course) in order to pursue the Technology and Policy Minor.

Course Requirements

19-101          Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy
19-301          Decision Making Methods for Engineers & Scientists
or 19-351     Applied Methods for Technology-Policy Analysis
19-451          EPP Projects
or 19-452     EPP Projects
xx-xxx           Two EPP Technology-Policy Electives (18 units minimum)

T&P Technical Electives include courses in CIT, MCS, or SCS that generally belong to two categories: courses which synthesize engineering analysis and social analysis perspectives and apply them to problems with substantial societal technological components; and courses which teach methods or background vital to classes of important problems at the technology-society interface. Specific areas of interest for these courses are:

  • Energy, resources, and the environment
  • Risk assessment
  • Forensic engineering
  • Urban engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Product engineering and design
  • Robotics

Courses in other topic areas may also be included as determined from year to year.

Students wishing to declare the Technology and Policy Minor should contact their academic advisor and the EPP department.