Carnegie Mellon University
November 03, 2022

Adams to serve on EPA Science Advisory Board

Peter Adams, the Thomas Lord professor of engineering and department head of engineering and public policy, has been selected to work with the EPA on the Science Advisory Board’s BenMAP and Benefits Methods Panel.

The SAB BenMAP and Benefits Methods Panel will conduct the review of EPA's Environmental Benefits and Mapping (BenMAP) tool, a cloud-based open-source computer program which calculates estimated air pollution-related deaths and illnesses and their associated economic values. In addition, the SAB BenMAP and Benefits Methods Panel will review EPA's technical support document Estimating PM2.5- and Ozone-Attributable Health Benefits as requested by the EPA's Office of Air and Radiation. Collectively, the SAB BenMAP and Benefits Methods Panel will review both EPA's approach for selecting and applying the evidence used to quantify and monetize air pollution-related effects and how the BenMAP tool performs these calculations.

The panel is also tasked with reviewing EPA's selection of human health endpoints, risk estimates and monetized values in an air pollution benefits assessment, as well as the agency's characterization of uncertainty inherent in EPA benefits assessments.