Carnegie Mellon University
May 15, 2016

EPP Commencement 2016

EPP Commencement 2016

May 15, 2016 was Carnegie Mellon's Commencement ceremony, a celebration of achievement across campus.

The department highlighted the hard work and contributions of this year’s graduates with a ceremony for EPP and E&TIM graduates. Friends, family, faculty, and staff honored this year's graduates with a diploma ceremony over breakfast. 

PhD Graduates

Department Head Douglas Sicker addresses EPP graduates
  • Leslie S. Abrahams (joint degree with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Thesis: Quantitative Modeling Under Uncertainty to Inform Effective Energy and Environmental Policies
  • Mohammed Alotaibi
    Thesis: Exploring Spectrum Aggregation Technology: A Study of the Technical Techno-economic, Policy Implications and the Potential Impact on Economics
  • Dena Marie Asta (joint degree with Statistics)
    Thesis: Geometric Approaches to Inference: Non-Euclidean Data and Networks
  • Amy Lauren Dale (joint degree with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Thesis: Modeling the fate of engineered metal and metal oxide nanoparticles in surface waters and sediments: Environmental drivers, particle properties, and implications for model design
  • William Frankenstein
    Thesis: Computational Models of Nuclear Proliferation
  • Nathaniel I. Gilbraith (dual degree with Portugal)
    Thesis: Evaluating How Demand Side Resources Affect the Environmental and Economic Performance of Energy Systems
  • Justin Cole Glier
    Thesis: Assessment of Solid Sorbent Systems for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture at Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • John Paul Helveston
    Thesis: Development and Adoption of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in China: Markets, Policy, and Innovation
  • Mohammad Jahanbakht (dual degree with Portugal)
    Thesis: The Role of Entrepreneurship in the Development of the African Mobile Telecommunications Industry
  • Siripha Junlakarn: Retail Market Mechanism in Support of Differentiated Reliable Electricity Services
  • Samuel Allan Markolf (joint degree with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Thesis: Climate Change Decision-Making at the Metropolitan Level: Current Estimates and Future Drivers of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
  • Dana Elyse Peck (joint degree with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Thesis: Data-Driven Analyses and Policy Implications in the Transportation World: A Focus on Pennsylvania Inspection and Registration Data and Nationwide Fatal Crash Data
  • Todd Ryan
    Thesis: Case-Studies in the Economics of Ancillary Services of Power Systems in Support of High Wind Penetrations
  • Hameed Safiullah
    Thesis: Enabling the future grid: an analysis of operational and flexibility issues in the Indian power grid
  • Kristen R. Schell (dual degree with Portugal)
    Thesis: Computational Models for Renewable Energy Target Achievement & Policy Analysis
  • Shuchi Talati
    Thesis: The Future of Low Carbon Electric Power Generation: An Assessment of Economic Viability and Water Impacts under Climate Change and Mitigation Policies

Undergraduate Additional Majors

Chemical Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy

  • William French
  • Alexandra Newby

Civil Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy

  • Courtney Chambers
  • Stephanie Emore
  • Sara Guo
  • Erin Persson
  • Stephanie Sheffield

Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy

  • William Ehrett
  • Sally Lee
  • Ram Verma

Materials Science and Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy

  • Bradley Hodge
  • Alexander Lucci
  • Benjamin Paren

Decision Sciences / Science Technology and Public Policy

  • Nathaniel Fruchter
Technology & Policy Minor Graduates
  • Vincent Demarchi
  • Matthew Dezenzo
  • Julia Eddy
  • Carleton Gibson
  • Joon Yeop Kim
  • Daniel Manners
  • Jesse Mendelson
  • Adam Moran
  • Avinash Patel
  • Richard Reinertsen
  • Holly Stokes

E&TIM Graduates

  • Aditya Chaganti
  • Daniel Clerk
  • Sakshi Goel
  • Madhuri Gopal
  • Jingzhi Hu
  • Narendra Jhabakh
  • Andrew Jreissaty
  • Jose Maria Chema Lopez
  • Nimmy Mathew
  • Fridtjof Melle
  • Divya Peri
  • Harini Peri
  • Aishwarya Ramachandran
  • Chaitra Ramarao
  • Hrishikesh Ravindranath
  • Soumya Shyamasundar
  • Nandiswar Reddy Suram
  • Dongxue Tang
  • Anjali Tomer
  • Aman Tyagi
  • Yusuke Yamamoto
  • Noopur Zokarkar
  • Charles Johnathan Tanner
  • Maddie Gioffre