Carnegie Mellon University
March 13, 2015

Amy Dale awarded 2015 Graduate Research Award in Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology

Amy Dale, EPP PhD CandidateAmy Dale, EPP PhD Candidate

Amy Dale, a graduate student in the Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) and Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) departments, was awarded the 2015 Graduate Research Award in Computational Hydraulics & Hydrology for her work on the fate and transport of nanoparticles in rivers. The Award is given annually by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists to recognize a student whose research contributes to the knowledge pool of in the area of computational hydraulics and hydrology.

Amy graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011 with a Bioinformatics. She was awarded a national Udall scholarship in 2010 in recognition of her passion for environmental change through policy and research. Amy creates mathematical models to describe the transport and chemical transformations of nanomaterials released to the environment during manufacturing, use, or disposal, in order to better understand the emerging environmental risks of nanotechnology.