Carnegie Mellon University
July 07, 2015

Cranor Helps Connect Pittsburgh to the "Internet of Things"

Cranor Helps Connect Pittsburgh to the

Engineering and Public Policy faculty member Lorrie Cranor is one of a select group of CMU researcher working with Google to connect the city of Pittsburgh to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT involves networking smart environments with embedded sensors that communicate with people and each other. According to the School of Computer Science, "The goal of our project will be nothing less than to radically enhance human-to-human and human-to­-computer interaction through a large-scale deployment of IoT that ensures privacy, accommodates new features over time and enables people to readily design applications for their own use." The project also aims to address important research questions about interconnected environments, including challenges to privacy and security. An expert on internet privacy, EPP's Cranor will work with a team to ensure that users have proper access to, and control of, their data.

CMU researchers, with leadership from the School of Computer Science and the College of Engineering, will work with colleagues at Cornell, Stanford, Illinois and Google.

This story was also featured in Fast Company and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Watch Cranor's TED Talk talk about internet privacy and security, "What's wrong with your Pa$$word?"