Privacy Overview

We collect information for two reasons:

  1. To communicate with you.
  2. To help us understand how and where our software is being used in order to improve it.

We do not sell this information, and we do not share personally identifiable information (PII) outside our research group. Our internal sharing of PII is typically for the purpose of responding to a user inquiry.

IECM Software Downloads

The information we request when you download the IECM is to help us understand who and where our users are in order to improve IECM content and support services. Your email address is used to send you IECM-related announcements, if you request them. It is also is used to help us understand how many individual users there are, as people often download the IECM more than once..

Although we appreciate your providing the requested information, we do not require it in order to download the IECM.

The "Contact Us" Form

The information we request when you contact us allows us to respond to you. It also helps us see if certain groups of users are encountering specific issues. You may submit a comment without any additional information, although we cannot respond unless you provide an email address.

Paper Downloads

Some technical papers listed on our website are published in journals which restrict their distribution and prevent us from simply posting them on our website. However, we can send you a single copy if you request it. We have included a "Request a copy of this publication" button on the webpage to simplify this process. In most cases, the paper you requested can be provided to you immediately as a download. However, we require your email address as a record of this request. Also, if you include a comment that requires a response, your email address will be used to contact you. The remainder of the information on the request form is optional.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.