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  • Using Wine: macOS X (Intel) 10.14 Mohave and earlier, and Linux

(The use of the IECM under Wine is not officially supported, however we will try to avoid doing anything that would cause it to stop working.)

You may view the current User Manual, which includes installation instructions, here.

MacOS X and Linux users: you will need to install the IECM under Wine. More details are given here.

NOTE for Mac users: There is a known issue with MacOS High Sierra and Wineskin, which is our suggested method of running the IECM on the Mac. A workaround is given here. Also note that starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina, 32-bit apps are no longer supported; this means that 32-bit versions of the IECM - which is all of them at the moment - cannot run as they require 32-bit Wine. We do have a working 64-bit IECM, but it is not ready for release yet, so for now if you want/need to use Catalina, you'll have to run the IECM in a virtual machine.

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Download the Current Public Version (11.2) now.

You may view the license here.

Citation for this version of the IECM:
IECM. (2018). Integrated Environmental Control Model (IECM) Version 11.2 (Carnegie Mellon University).
Bug Fix Version 11.2a
This update to version 11.2 was posted on September 2, 2019. It fixes a bug where the Overall Plant O&M Cost Screen was not visible when CCS was used in IGCC and NGCC plants. The Overall Plant "Fuel & Land Cost" screen has also been renamed to "Fuel, Power & Land Cost" for clarity. Aside from that, it is exactly the same as described below.

Version 11.2 includes several new technology options and updates, plus enhancements to the user interface that we think you’ll like.

Change Log:
Changes Since Public Version 9.5:
New Carbon Capture Technology Models:
  • Pressure-swing solid sorbent systems for PC power plants (three sorbents and two process configurations)
  • Temperature-swing solid sorbent system for PC power plants
  • Two-stage membrane-based system with air sweep for PC power plants
  • Enhanced CO2 purification unit for use with oxyfuel combustion plants and PC plants with the new membrane-based capture system
  • Ionic liquid-based capture system for IGCC power plants
Enhancements to Graphical Interface and Reports:
  • The unit conversion options "mass/kWh" and "mass/BTU in" were changed to "flow/kWh" and "flow/BTU in", respectively. These units now include molar flow rates as well as mass flow rates
  • New capital cost summary tables have been added to plant-level reports
  • The cost year is now shown in the status bar at all times
  • Cost index values for 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been added
  • The default cost year is now 2017.
  • The cost year menu is now in descending order to facilitate selection of recent years.
  • A "User Manual" command has been added to the "Help" menu to display the manual
  • Several other adjustments were made to make screens more consistent
Bug Fixes (since version 11.1 beta):
  • Solid Sorbents PSA fixed to enable bypass option
  • In the PC plant, the "Reference Plant" screen for CCS no longer hides the overall plant O&M cost screen
  • Two missing screens have been added: bypass for the amine system in NGCC plants and the Ionic Liquid input diagram for IGCC plants
Technical and User Documentation:
  • New technical reports for each of the new CO2 capture systems
  • The previous User Manual, Tutorial and Getting Started documents have been combined into a single new User Manual, which has been updated to match the current version.

Older Versions:

These are being temporarily provided for those who need an older version, e.g. students who have been told to use a specific version for a class. If you do not need an older version, we encourage you to Download the Current Public Version (11.2) instead.

Download Public Version 9.5 now.

Download Public Version 9.2.1 now.

Download Public Version 9.1 now.

Download Public Version 8.0.2 now.

Download a conversion utility to allow you to use old session and fuel databases in newer versions of the IECM (starting with 8.0.1). This utility only runs under Windows.