The IECM software runs in the following environments:
  • Windows XP (32 bit only)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • Using Wine or CrossOver: macOS X (Intel), and Linux

(The use of the IECM under Wine/CrossOver is not officially supported, however we will try to avoid doing anything that would cause it to stop working.)

You may view the current User Manual, which includes installation instructions, here.

MacOS X and Linux users: you will need to install the IECM under Wine or CrossOver. (CrossOver is highly recommended for the Mac if you're running macOS Catalina or later.) See the Readme file for more details.

Contact us to be notified of new updates.

Download the Current Public Version 11.4 installer now.

If you are unable to run the installer, e.g. if you are using Wine64, you may download the IECM as a zip file here.

You may view the license here.

Citation for this version of the IECM:
IECM. (2020). Integrated Environmental Control Model (IECM) Version 11.4 (Carnegie Mellon University).

Version 11.4 includes several new technology options and updates, plus enhancements to the user interface that we think you’ll like.

Change Log:
Changes Since Public Version 11.2:
Model Updates and Enhancements:
  • The following parameters are now dependent upon plant location, with a default region of US Midwest: Average Annual Rainfall, Ambient Air Temperature, Ambient Air Pressure, and Relative Humidity.
  • Under Water Systems, NETL's dry cooling (air cooled condenser) model has been added to the IECM as a configuration option for dry cooling. It is not available for hybrid cooling (which uses the original IECM dry cooling model).
  • The ESP parasitic load calculation has been updated.
Interface Updates and Enhancements:
  • This version of the IECM is a 64-bit application. There is still a 32-bit version which will be installed automatically if your system requires it, but the default is now 64-bit.
  • Formatting has been updated in many interface components, including subscripts in chemical formulas.
  • In most cases, the "Copy" command (under the Edit taskbar menu or in the right-click menu) now puts both plain text and html-formatted text on the clipboard. Formatted text is the default, although specific applications, particularly word processors may override that. "Paste Special" will give you access to the formatted text in most cases.
  • Graphs in ANALYSIS TOOLS / Uncertainty are no longer limited to Cumulative Probability Distribution Functions (CDFs) for one variable - now variables can be specified for both the X and Y axes.
  • Numbers on graphs may be shown with more significant figures to avoid duplicate labels.
  • For NGCC plants, the interface has been updated to refer to the fuel as "Natural Gas" (not "Syngas") and "Heated Syngas" has been removed from the NGCC interface since it does not apply here. (This is strictly an interface correction; the model already handles NGCC correctly.)
  • On CONFIGURE PLANT / Unit Systems, all flow units have been moved out of the "Performance Table" category and into a new category: "Result Flow Rates". Flow units now apply to all results, not just tables. Older saved sessions using these options are updated appropriately when they are opened.
  • "Total NOx" and "Total SOx" have been added to the stack diagram for PC plants.
Bug Fixes:
  • In the geological reservoir database of the CO2> storage model, NM has been moved to the Southwest region where it belongs, and NH and RI have been added to the state list for the Northeast region.
  • A unit conversion error was fixed on two results screens for the Solid Sorbents TSA diagram for a PC plant, and the Chemical Looping diagram for an IGCC plant. These unit conversion options were introduced in the most recent version, 11.2 Public. Tonne/hr was being converted to flow/MWh instead of flow/kWh. The affected quantities are: On the Solid Sorbents TSA diagram: Sorbent Purge, Lean Sorbent, and Rich Sorbent. On the Chemical Looping diagram: CO2 Product.
  • Functionality has been restored between the steam turbine heat rate and other steam turbine output quantities in NGCC and IGCC plant models.

Older Versions:

These are being provided for those who need an older version, e.g. students who have been told to use a specific version for a class. If you do not need an older version, we encourage you to Download the Current Public Version (11.4) instead. You may view the licenses for all versions here, and the Readme files for all versions here.

Download Public Version 11.2 now.

Download Public Version 9.5 now.

Download Public Version 9.2.1 now.

Download Public Version 9.1 now.

Download Public Version 8.0.2 now.

Download a conversion utility to allow you to use old session and fuel databases in newer versions of the IECM (starting with 8.0.1). This utility only runs under Windows.