The IECM software runs in the following environments:
  • Windows XP (32 bit only)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • MacOS X (Intel) and Linux under Wine

(The use of the IECM under Wine is not officially supported, however we will try to avoid doing anything that would cause it to stop working.)

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Download the Current Public Version (9.5) now.

MacOS X and Linux users: you will need to install the IECM under Wine. See the readme file for more details.

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This version includes several new technology options and updates, plus major enhancements to the user interface that we think you’ll like.

Change Log:
Changes Since Public Version 9.2.1:
Case Study Library:
  • v 9.5 includes a library of three files covering five case study sessions that replicate the performance and cost parameters and results from recent DOE/NETL reports on "Bituminous Baseline" systems and an advanced membrane capture system. The following NETL cases can now be accessed and replicated in the IECM using the library files:
    • Bituminous Baseline study Rev 2a: PC plants w/o and w/ CCS (Cases 11 and 12)
    • Bituminous Baseline study Rev 3: PC plants w/o and w/ CCS (Cases B12A and B12B)
    • Advanced Capture Systems: PC plant w/ 2-stage membrane capture (Case 5A)
New Technology Models:
  • Hybrid cooling system model (wet + dry cooling water systems)
  • Life cycle water use for power plants with and without CCS
  • Cansolv CO2 capture process parameters are used for the NETL Case B12B library case. (Note: this is not a generalized model of the Cansolv process.)
Technology Model Updates:
  • Add site-specific cost factors to account for geographic variations in power plant capital cost, specifically, geographic variations in construction materials and labor costs, construction labor productivity, equipment cost and seismicity factors. Default values are based on EPRI studies.
Restrictions on Plant Designs for CO2 Capture:
  • All post-combustion capture systems on PC plants require SCR as pre-treatment for NOx reduction. Ammonia and membrane-based systems also require FGD for SOx removal. (FGD is also strongly recommended with amine-based CO2 capture systems.)
Bug Fixes and Adjustments:
  • The parameter "Steam Cycle Heat Rate" is now editable for IGCC and NGCC plants.
  • The parameter "Steam for Soot Ratio" is now editable for PC plants.
  • The parameter "Construction Time" is now set in the Overall Plant module, though it may be overridden in other modules, as needed.
  • The uncertainty engine is now available for the chemical composition of fuels, with a note that uncertainty on those screens should only be used for batch processing.
  • Cooling water for CO2 product compression is now included in the water module for oxyfuel and IGCC plants with CO2 capture and storage.
  • A few small bugs in the interface were fixed.

Older Versions:

These are being temporarily provided for those who need an older version, e.g. students who have been told to use a specific version for a class. If you do not need an older version, we encourage you to Download the Current Public Version (9.5) instead.

Download Public Version 9.2.1 now.

Download Public Version 9.1 now.

Download Public Version 8.0.2 now.

Download a conversion utility to allow you to use old session and fuel databases in newer versions of the IECM (starting with 8.0.1). This utility only runs under Windows.