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Engineering and Public Policy

Technology can help us build a happier, freer, and more fulfilling life, while keeping risks and undesirable impacts at acceptable levels. However, this process isn't automatic; it takes careful hard work by people who understand both technology and society.

The Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) at Carnegie Mellon University is a unique department that works to solve problems at the interface of technology and society. We offer multiple double-major options for undergraduate students (in partnership with each of the five Engineering departments and the School of Computer Science) a Master's degree in Engineering & Technology Innovation and Management, and a research-oriented Ph.D. program


The department of Engineering & Public Policy is hiring a tenure track professor.  Work with us >>

EPP Graduate Student Awards

Robert W. Dunlap Award for the most outstanding qualifier examination

stein-adam2.jpgAdam Stein
“Invasive Species”

Herbert L. Toor Award for outstanding research paper submitted to the Part A qualifier

acharya-prithvi.jpgPrithvi Acharya
“Data-Driven Models Could Enable Selective, Remote Emissions Inspections for Connected-Vehicles”

Luke Lavin
“The Importance of Peak Pricing in Realizing System Benefits From Distributed Storage”   

Women in Software and Cybersecurity

Doug Sicker: Department Head of Engineering and Public Policy

How Entrepreneurs Leverage Institutional Intermediaries in Emerging Economies to Acquire Public Resources