Carnegie Mellon University

"Greening" Courses

Whlle only a few of the original "Greening" courses continue to be offered, the courses listed below were the inspiration for many of the courses that are offered today.

Environmental Challenges and Solutions: Moving Toward Sustainability / Michael Shriberg
Environmental Ethics / Peter Madsen
Environmental Geology / Henry Prellwitz
Exploring Connections: The Mind, Community and Environment / Patricia Carpenter, Larry Patrick, Indira Nair
From Soil to Oil: Energy, Ecology, and Globalization / John Soluri
History of Sustainable Architecture / Charles Rosenblum, Casimer Kawecki
Interpretation and Argument: Environmental Justice / Trista Pennington
Interpretation and Argument: Global Climate Change / Nate Atkinson
Interpretation and Argument: Green Literacy / Geoffrey Glover
Interpretation and Argument: Science Fiction and the Environment / Laura Schmidt
Introduction to African History: 18th Century to Neo-Colonialism / Edda Fields-Black
Introduction to African History: Earliest Times to the Origins of the Slave Trade / Edda Fields-Black
Introduction to Environmental Sounds / Franco Sciannameo
Introduction to Global Agriculture / Nick Shorr
Mapping the Terrain: Environmental Thinking & Art Practice / Maureen Dawley
Materials, Energy and Environment (continues to be offered) / Robert Heard
Rachel Carson: Her Work and Legacy / Eden Fisher
Real Estate Design and Development (continues to be offered) / Casimer Kawecki
Rivers as Environmental Gateways to American History / Joel Tarr
Science and Technology for the Environment / Susmita Ghosh
Technology and the Environment (continues to be offered) / Deanna Matthews
The Role of Environment in the Collapse of Ancient Societies / Ruth Fauman-Fichman