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EAC Courses

Environment Across the Curriculum (EAC) Courses

Whlle not all of the original Environment Across the Curriculum courses continue to be offered, many do. The courses listed below were the inspiration for many of the courses that are offered today.

Engineering Design: Creation of Products and Processes / Jay Apt
Environmental History of South Asia / Jayeeta Sharma
Environmental Rhetoric (continues to be offered) / Linda Flower
History Of Public Policy in The United States / Bill Keech
Internal Combustion Engines (continues to be offered) / John Wiss
International Environmental Law & Policy / Penelope Ferreira
Organizational Behavior / Mark Fichman
Processing and Properties of Thin Films (continues to be offered) / Lisa Porter
Production and Operations Management (continues to be offered) / Sunder Kekre
Quality Design and Analysis (continues to be offered) / Alan Scheller-Wolf
Site Engineering and Foundations (continues to be offered) / Christine Mondor
Utopias / Peggy Knapp
What is Engineering? / John Wesner