Carnegie Mellon University

Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Environmental Research Award


First Place: "Optimal Producation of Biodiesel from the Transesterification of Algal Oil Using Bioethanol"

Kristen Severson Chemical Engineering
Advisors: Ignacio Grossman Mechanical Engineering and Martin Mariano Chemical Engineering

Runner Up: "A Feasibility Study of Bio-Gas Digesters and Composting Systems at Carnegie Mellon University"

Jule Carr Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cynthia Clement Mathematics, Carineh Ghafafian Materials Science Engineering, Elissa Goldner Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mahaesh Jayaraman Chemical Engineering, Lane Kurkijian Civil and Environmental Engineering, Anna Lenhart Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kaiyang Liew Mechanical Engineering, Agnieszka Marszalik Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tejank Shah Materials Science Engineering, Lauren Sittler Chemical Engineering
Paulina Jaramillo / Engineering and Public Policy

Runner Up: "Analysis of the Thermal Performance of Green Roofs"

Dyanna Becker Civil and Environmental Engineering, Daisy Wang Civil and Environmental Engineering
Advisor: David Dzombak Civil and Environmental Engineering


First Place: Fang (Mark) Qiao "Layperson-Trained Speech Recognition for Resource Scarce Languages"

Second Place: Honray Lin, "Pen-It: An Online Collaboration Application Study"
Second Place: Saurabh Sanghvi, "Education e-Village"


First Place: Dyanna Becker, et. al., Feasibility of Jatropha Production in Eastern Africa"


First Place:Michael Whiston, "Impact of Flanged Diffuser on Turbine Performance"


First Place: Ryan Malecky, "A Green Approach to the Remediation of Bisphenol A"

2006 Patricia Stallings, "Undergraduate Environmental Education"

2005 Solar Decathalon Group

2004 Keeara Schwartz, "Ecosa Institute Environmental Design Field Study"

2003 Betty Kim, "Biodiversity on the CMU Campus"