Carnegie Mellon University
Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

For a more comprehensive guide to graduate programs in the environment visit: Guide to Graduate Study in the Areas of Energy, Environment and Sustainability [pdf]

College of Engineering (CIT)

Chemical Engineering—M.S., MChE, Ph.D.
Civil and Environmental Engineering with Concentration in Green Design—M.S., Ph.D.
Environmental Engineering, Science, and Management—M.S., Ph.D.
Architecture-Engineering & Construction Management Program (administered by the School of Architecture and involves studies in both Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering)—M.S.
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Master of Business Administration Program (with Tepper)—M.S./MBA
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Engineering and Public Policy [with EPP]—Ph.D.
Energy Science, Technology, and Policy—M.S.
Engineering and Public Policy—M.S.
Engineering and Technology Innovation Management—M.S.
Materials Science & Engineering Course Option—M.S.
Materials Science & Engineering Research Option—M.S.
Materials Science & Engineering—Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering Course Work Option—M.S.
Mechanical Engineering Project Option—M.S.
Mechanical Engineering—Ph.D.
Product Development with the Collge of Fine Arts—M.P.O.

College of Fine Arts (CFA)

Building Performance and Diagnostics—M.S., PhD.
Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management—M.S., Ph.D.
Sustainable Design—M.S.
Urban Design—M.S.

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS)

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Technological Change with Carnegie Institute of Technology, Heinz and Tepper—Ph.D.

H. John Heinz III College (HEINZ)

Public Policy & Management—MSPPM, Ph.D.
Science in Nature, Policy and the Environment—M.S. (with the University of Oxford)

Mellon College of Science (MCS)

Chemical Engineering and Colloids Polymers, and Surfaces with the Carnegie Institute of Technology—M.S.