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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) is an engineering discipline that applies the tools of basic and applied sciences and engineering to the manufacture and application of materials and devices, because essentially every technology (historical, modern, and future) depends on materials development and innovation. The four broad classes of Materials to which this paradigm is applied are metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites.

The overarching paradigm of MSE is to determine and to exploit the connection between processing, structure, and properties of materials to engineer materials that fit the performance criteria for specific applications, which are useful for the technological needs of our society. In addition to this product specific knowledge, MSE is concerned with the implications of materials production and their sustainable use on the environment and energy resources.

Graduates of the MSE department are pursuing careers in an expanding spectrum of companies, national laboratories, and universities. Their activities cover a wide range of materials related endeavors that include microelectronics, energy production and storage, biomedical applications, aerospace, information technology, nanotechnology, manufacturing and materials production. More than 50% of our undergraduate alumni choose to attend graduate school; they are accepted into the top Materials graduate schools in the country.

Based on the broad range of destinations for graduates of the MSE program, our curriculum is designed to combine a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills of MSE with a modern liberal education, i.e., one that inculcates a thoughtful, problem-solving approach to professional life. An industrial internship program and several double major programs are available besides our standard program. All of our undergraduates are encouraged to participate in the current research programs of the faculty, and most do. The curriculum culminates in the Capstone Project, where students work in teams with industrial partners to solve real world problems.

For additional information please contact Paige Houser, MSE Undergraduate Academic Advisor.