Primary Areas-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

MSE faculty conduct a wide range of experimental and theoretical research. Much of the departmental research efforts can be categorized into four established areas of concentration — Electronic Materials, Magnetic Materials, Microstructural Science, and Iron and Steelmaking Research — and three emerging areas of focus — Materials for Energy, Nanomaterials, and Soft Materials. The MSE faculty carry out research in all four areas of the MSE paradigm — Processing, Properties, Structure, Performance — and on all major materials types — Metals, Ceramics, Semiconductors, Polymers, and Composites. MSE research covers a broad range of specific topics; specialty areas of research in which several MSE faculty have active programs. MSE research is carried out both in small groups and as part of large interdisciplinary research centers such as Data Storage Systems Center, and Institute for Complex Engineered Systems.