Carnegie Mellon University

Thomas H. Madden

Thomas H. Madden

Courtesy appointment, Materials Science & Engineering


2015 - Present   Aquion Energy, Pittsburgh PA

Sr. Director of Research & Development (Oct 2015 – Present)

  • Leading development group to reduce cost and increase cycle life, rate capability, and capacity in Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries.
  • Overseeing test engineering function.

2011 - 2015   Sun Catalytix / Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage, Cambridge MA

Director – Stack Engineering (Apr 2011 – Present)

  • Key participant in technical due diligence process that resulted in a successful, major acquisition.
  • Developing major strategic partnerships with key suppliers for advanced battery technology.
  • Directed stack development group for 3 different energy storage technologies from concept to MW- scale prototypes. Coordinated engineering, testing, and modeling to surpass required metrics.
  • Developed key competitive and economic analyses to re-direct company focus to develop energy storage technology from initial solar-fuels focus.

2010 - 2011  Primus Power (start-up), Hayward CA

Advanced Concepts Engineer (Nov 2010 – Mar 2011)

  • Developed and demonstrated novel cell concepts to improve flow battery coulombic efficiency.
  • Developed numerical models to correlate cell performance with complex phase behavior.

2006 - 2010  UTC Power (Fortune 50), South Windsor CT

Manager – PEM Stack Technology (Aug 2008 – Nov 2010)

  • Led 4 major root cause investigations across PEM fuel cell product platforms to extend durability. E.g. led team to increase fuel cell bus lifetime from 1000 to >16,000 hr – still running!
  • Managed  group  (10  -  15  reports)  to  develop  PEM  fuel  cell  stack  technology.  Demonstrated significant improvements in power density and freeze start capability.
  • Managed DOE program on accelerated test verification.

Staff Engineer (Jan 2006 – Aug 2008)

  • Led group (~6 reports) to develop stack technology for a submarine PEM fuel cell power module fed by reformed ethanol and oxygen
  • Co-developed  technical  agreements  with  suppliers  leading  to  significant  cost  reductions  and warranty concessions for key transportation fuel cell components

2003 - 2005  United Technologies Research Center (Fortune 50), East Hartford CT

Project Leader

  • Managed ~$2M annual for enhancing PEM fuel cell durability / performance under DOE and UTC Power automotive contracts. Co-author on 2 invited DOE full proposals with one awarded to-date.
  • Lead team to demonstrate >3x increase in automotive PEM lifetime using novel MEA’s developed internally.  Confirmed improvements through benchmarking with premier suppliers.
  • Won DOE BES grant with Cornell University to develop advanced alloy catalysts for PEM fuel cells.
  • Supervised theoretical /experimental development of degradation model for automotive customers.

2002 - 2003  Neah Power Systems (startup), Bothell WA

Group Leader

  • Supervised development of a highly competitive micro-fluidic fuel cell using porous Si for portable power applications.
  • Developed thin-film processes for rapid development & prototype iteration.
  • Won $2M NIST ATP grant to develop power-dense methanol fuel cells with on-board oxidants.

1991 - 1994   Martin Marietta Energy Systems (Fortune 100), Oak Ridge TN

Senior Project Engineer (Q-Clearance holder)

  • Performed comprehensive plant-wide study of all radioactive solid waste streams (see Awards).
  • Implemented several radioactive waste monitoring facilities across plant to achieve best-in-class.


2001 - University of Washington, Seattle WA

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering                                                                                                                      

Developed elevated temperature / pressure electrochemical techniques to measure methanol/CO oxidation kinetics in miniature fuel cell membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) at > 100 °C.

1996 - University of New Mexico / Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM

M.S. Chemical Engineering                                                                                                

Developed and performed seminal studies on the metal-ligand effects on TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation rates.

1991 - University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH

B.S. Chemical Engineering                                                                        

Developed simplified computer model of complex distillation processes.