Carnegie Mellon University

Mohammad F. Islam

Mohammad F. Islam

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


Research Areas: Inorganic Functional Materials | Soft, Nanostructured & Bioactive  Materials

Mohammad F. Islam received his Ph.D. in Physics from Lehigh University focusing on aggregation and adsorption behavior of polyelectrolytes. He then moved to the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania as a postdoctoral fellow. There he worked on colloidal systems and carbon nanotubes. Since joining Carnegie Mellon faculty, Islam has received National Science Foundation CAREER award, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Kavli Frontiers Fellowship, and CIT George Tallman Ladd Research Award.


Ph.D., Lehigh University


Professor Islam’s research group employs both soft- and nanomaterials approaches to engineer multifunctional materials with tailored optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. The group also explores use of these unique materials in diverse applications such as fuel cells, supercapacitors, drug delivery vessels, etc.


(Selected Publications)

B. D. Holt, J. J. Law, L. J. Wilson, K. N. Dahl, and M. F. Islam, “Sub-cellular Partitioning and Analysis of Gd3+-Loaded Ultra-short Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 5612 (2015).

Y. J. Jeong and M. F. Islam, “Compressible Elastomeric Aerogels of Hexagonal Boron Nitride and Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes”, Nanoscale 7, 12888 (2015).

Y. Oh and M. F. Islam, “Preformed Nanoporous Carbon Nanotube Scaffold-Based Multifunctional Polymer Composites”, ACS Nano 9, 4103 (2015).

E. Wilson and M. F. Islam, “Ultracompressible, High-Rate Supercapacitors from Graphene-Coated Carbon Nanotube Aerogels”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 5612 (2015).

A. S. Campbell, Y. J. Jeong, S. M. Geier, R. R. Koepsel, A. J. Russell, and M. F. Islam, “Membrane/Mediator-Free Rechargeable Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Utilizing Graphene/Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Cogel Electrodes”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 4056 (2015).

K. H. Kim, Y. Oh, and M. F. Islam, “Graphene Coating Makes Carbon Nanotube Aerogels Superelastic and Resistant to Fatigue”, Nature Nanotechnology 6, 3481 (2012).

K. H. Kim, Y. Oh, and M. F. Islam, “Mechanical and Thermal Management Characteristics of Ultrahigh Surface Area Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Aerogels”, Advanced Functional Materials 6, 3481 (2012).

B. D. Holt, K. N. Dahl, and M. F. Islam, “Cells Uptake and Recover from Protein Stabilized Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Two Distinct Rates”, ACS Nano 6, 3481 (2012).

K. H. Kim, M. Vural, and M. F. Islam, “Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Aerogel-Based Elastic Conductors”, Advanced Materials 23, 2865 (2011).

D. Kaya, N. L. Green, C. E. Maloney, and M. F. Islam, “Normal Modes and Density of States of Disordered Colloidal Solids”, Science 329, 656 (2010).

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