MSE Profs Win NSF Funding-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Profs Win NSF Funding

MSE faculty members Michael Bockstaller, Michael McHenry, and Elias Towe--working in collaboration with researchers at the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, and Philosophy--have been awarded $200,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation ( NSF).

The grant will be used to establish an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Program in Nanotechnology (IUPN) at Carnegie Mellon University. The primary goals of IUPN are to establish an integrated training program for undergraduate students that will engage them in the study of nanoscience and engineering.

IUPN will facilitate a cross-disciplinary education in the fundamental aspects of nanotechnology that appeals to students with diverse backgrounds and interests, as well as provide an experimental infrastructure that will support existing educational activities on campus in the area of nanotechnology. The program will also stimulate students to engage in research in the area of nanoscience and promote longer-term relationships between students and involved researchers.

IUPN will offer a research fellowship program that will provide students with monetary support for pursuing independent nanotechnology-related research projects across the Carnegie Mellon campus. More information on the application process for participation in this fellowship program will be publicized soon.